People all over the world are opting for more reputable hair sources, Grandeur hair is a trusted brand. 

You're hair shopping and you have no clue what they're talking about or what questions you should ask. You just want quality hair, hair that will last past your first install. 

1. Once you find the texture you're most interested in, read the description, make sure it's what you're looking for. 

2. Check the company's guarantee or return policy.

3. Be mindful of your lifestyle when choosing... questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you someone who workout regularly?
  2. Are you someone who get your hair done regularly?
  3. Do you have the time to properly maintain your hair? 

4. Check for reviews

5. Ask questions, as many as you need, who cares if you think it's silly! 

Ethical Sourcing: is the process of ensuring the products being sourced are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way, that the workers involved in making them are safe and treated fairly.
Donor: refers to the person the hair was collected from.
Unprocessed: unaltered from an original or natural state; not processed.
Cuticle Aligned: a process of preserving the cuticles and aligning them in one single direction.
Steam Processed: a heat process used to create a consistent pattern in hair.
Synthetic Fibers: any of various man-made fibers including usually those made from materials such as rayon, nylon, plastic, or acrylic fibers.
Fillers: short stands, waste hair, synthetic hair or even animal hair.
Temple: places where individuals can go to make sacred promises with God. Indian women and men donate their hair to temples for religious reasons.
Machine Weft: are a collection of hair sewn together by a machine, making them more durable and sturdier.
Virgin Hair: is steamed and/or chemically processed to achieve different textures, i.e., “body wave, deep wave, water wave”.
Raw Hair: has not been altered in any way.
 Hair Origin: Refers to the country the hair is sourced from.
Single/Double Drawn: Single drawn hair is collected from one donor while double drawn hair is collected from two donors.
Not all hair can be defined as raw hair, however. to qualify, hair must meet specific standards including: no previous bleaching, coloring, perming or any chemical processing for that matter.
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